Vision, Mission and Objectives


Boys and men are informed, well-connected, supported and valued.


Growing support with, and for, boys and men.

 Values and Principles


Men's Resources Tasmania (MRT) seeks a diverse membership of individuals and organisations that are committed to and work to address the health and social wellbeing needs of all men and boys and other issues that impact on them


MRT exists for who identify as men and boys in Australia regardless of their sexual preference, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, beliefs or political affiliation

Gender equity

MRT acknowledges the place and importance of gender specific work that leads to greater understanding and equity between males and females

Positive approach

MRT affirms a strengths-based view of men and boys - one that acknowledges their unique contribution to all forms of social and human endeavour and recognises the importance of key relationships in their lives


MRT is not aligned with any political party or religious group and is willing to respectfully engage with those who espouse differing views

Intellectual integrity

MRT is rigorous in its approach to issues affecting men and boys and adopts an evidence- based approach in its considerations of specific concerns

Respectful partnership

MRT embraces respectful collaboration with other individuals, organisations, services providers and volunteer groups in order to address the needs of men and boys


MRT is open and transparent in its governance and all aspects of its operations

Goals and Objectives

  1. To support a Social Determinants of Health approach to men’s health and wellbeing
  2. To provide a safe, respectful and male-friendly space, a first point of contact, and a resource and referral centre for men and boys
  3. To create opportunities for networking and connecting people working with men and boys
  4. To identify the unmet needs of stakeholders and service providers working with men and boys, and to support their efforts to meet these needs.
  5. To support agencies to improve and develop how they work with men and boys through training, resources and collaboration
  6. To raise awareness of and respond to issues that affect men and boys in the community, through the media and in government policy.

ABN: 94 826 411 355

Contact Us


Phone: 0474 721 749

Mail: GPO Box 423, Hobart, TAS 7001

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